Why Use Bailey Cooper

Here's the questions we get asked the most (and the answers!):

I've got a 'friend' with a camera, so why should I book you?

Paul's got a paint roller... but Kate still won't let him decorate the house!

Seriously, having the gear isn't enough. The latest digital cameras are incredibly advanced, but still rely on the creativity and timing of the person using them.

Is this your full time job?

We're not part time photographers, or 'weekend' photographers with 'proper' day jobs. We're full time 'qualified' photographers. It's what we do.
Some might say it's a hobby - They'd be right.
But it's how we earn a living, and so what if we enjoy it?

It does mean that we have to do things properly. So we're qualified to 'Fellowship' level (the highest) with the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Master Photographer's Association. And we have all the boring things like public liabilty insurance and professional indemnity, etc, etc, etc yawn.

And when we have a day off work... we go out and take photos!

So, you're good then are you?

Well, we don't like to blow our own trumpet but when we say "award winning photographers" we mean it.

We've gained over 250 awards for our images - from professional photography organisations - including some really big ones such as Photographer of The Year (twice!).

So it it's a genuine award winning photographer you're looking for, you've come to the right place

(you can see our full 'brag' list by clicking here).

What about staying power - have you been around long?

We're not a 'startup' business. We were, just once.

1995 is when it all began - yes, in the days of film, darkrooms and chemicals.
We've got experience, but we've also moved with the times and intend to keep advancing.
Our position in the industry means that we now play a key role in assessing the work of newer photographers as they apply for qualifications.

And we're planning on sticking around for a while yet.

I bet you're expensive?

Well we're not going to be the cheapest, but if it's quality, creativity and commitment that you're looking for then you wouldn't want the cheapest anyway, would you?

You wouldn't want to hang a cheap photo on your home or office wall, or use something cheap in your marketing literature.

Comparing prices is one way of making a choice, but if 'value' is important then please get in touch. We're confident that you'll be glad you did.

We'd love to hear from you... find out how to get in touch by clicking here.

Photographic Qualifications

Kate and Paul have BOTH been awarded the following...

Fellowship - Master Photographer's Association
Fellowship - British Institute of Professional Photography
QEP - Federation of European Photographers.

Photographic Awards

Between them, Kate and Paul have won over 250 awards and judged some incredibly prestigious competitions. These are just a few of them...

1999 MPA UK Photographer of the Year
1999 MPA UK Commercial Photographer of the Year
2000 MPA UK Digital Photographer of the Year
2002 MPA UK Fashion Photographer of the Year
2002 MPA UK Commercial Photographer of the Year
2003 MPA UK Commercial Photographer of the Year
2003 BIPP UK Advertising Photographer of the Year
2003 BIPP UK Photographer of the Year
2003 BIPP Best Fellowship Panel Award
2004 BIPP/MPA UK Advertising Photographer of the Year
2004 MPA Yorkshire - Fashion Photographer of the Year
2005 BIPP - Ken Blackman Memorial Award presented by the UK Industrial Photography Committee.
2006 BIPP/MPA UK Illustrative Photographer of the Year
2007 BIPP/MPA UK Best Fellowship Panel Award
2011 MPA Yorkshire - Commercial Photographer of the Year
2011 MPA UK - Advertising Photography National Award of Excellence
2012 MPA National President
2013 MPA Chairman of A&F Qualifications
2013 BIPP Open Competition Chairman
2014 MPA Honarary Fellowship Award
2014/15/16 MPA Director of Qualifications
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